Terms and Conditions

1. Entry Rules

Our venues uphold specific entry rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees. These rules might cover age limits, behavioural expectations, and following the event's terms and conditions. The goal is to foster a setting where everyone can enjoy themselves fully without any nuisances or discomfort.

2. Banned Behaviours

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, certain behaviours are outright banned at the event. This includes disorderly conduct, harassment, and any actions that could pose a risk to others or detract from the festive spirit. Security staff and event organisers will be on hand to enforce these rules, guaranteeing everyone's safety and pleasure at the event.

ID Requirement: Current Passport, Proof of Age Card, or Driver's Licence

Attendees must present a valid form of identification to confirm their age and identity. Accepted IDs include a current passport, proof of age card, or driver's licence. This requirement ensures all participants are of legal age and meet entry standards, helping to maintain a legally compliant, secure, and mature event environment.

1. Drink Restrictions

Patrons should note there are specific restrictions on beverages at the event. These may restrict bringing your own drinks or limit the consumption of certain types of beverages.

2. Intoxication Policy

The event has clear policies on intoxication. Turning up intoxicated is discouraged, as it can spoil the festive mood and affect others' experiences negatively.

3. Handling Disputes

Should any disputes or disagreements arise, the venues are equipped with procedures to address and settle such matters. Our event staff and security are trained to manage disputes calmly and effectively.

*Please be aware, refunds will not be provided for entry refused due to non-adherence to our terms and conditions. If unsure, consider purchasing your tickets at the door.